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None of the recent conflicts have had such clear terms to the likes of WW2. There no victory by holding the point or set of situations that will bring people to the negotiating table. Its just endless, constant, hard work. You do you, man. I had the fortune to go a handful of Devils STH […]

Nuclear power is safer than coal

Evening dress “A” For male officers, it consists of an evening coat with sleeve ornamentation, strip collar, white waistcoat, and white shirt with piqu bib. The stripe on the midnight blue trousers is a thin red stripe inside a gold embroidered stripe. Female officers wear a mess jacket with scarlet collar, a white dress shirt […]

In other traffic safety news

This question is a little (ok a lot) embarrassing, but Scarleteen has always been so helpful to me, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Lately cheap sex toys cheap sex toys, whenever my g/f and I have sex, it gets intense and I feel like I’m going to have an orgasm, but instead, […]