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My friends. The wait staff. The bartenders. A strobe light comes on. Volume goes up. All you can hear is “slime time!” over slowed down, bass heavy electronica.. The Agreement contains customary representations and warranties.The shares of common stock to be issued, pursuant to the Agreement, shall be issued in reliance upon an exemption from […]

He looked like apint sized Adam Ant

I was at the park the other day and saw a little boy with a mohawk swimwear sale, black Dickies and a skate board shirt that read Rebel. He looked like apint sized Adam Ant. Push, don shove what do you do??? (If you don get that dumb joke, you a waaaay younger mom than […]

Princess Diana was a goldmine

far cry 5 story is being penned cheap swimwear The airport at Preveza was so small that, as another flight was about to load its passengers, we all had to stand on the tarmac in the hot sun, until the other plane was full. Then we were hurried into the concourse before other passengers arrived. […]

Bikinis were subsequently banned from beauty pageants

italy falls to the allies beach dresses Although I admire them for their customer service, I would like for them to publish the actual backlog numbers. Not publishing them and discounting their importance sets off all sorts of alarms. Upon reading reviews of SolarCity on Yelp, I felt that potential cancellations may be a significant […]