About our School

A Trust devoted to a program to eradicate illiteracy among rural poor children. A strategic program to address two of the most debilitating problems of Rural India: Education, Child Labor and poverty..
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

Who We are ?

The idea of starting a free School for poor rural/ urban children was first expressed by Mr.Anil Kumar Dutt, a resident of Bangalore based in Berne, Switzerland as a lecturer of English in a Engineering School. There was a group of friends subscribing to social and civil rights causes and interested in promoting organization to emancipate poor children and the working people towards better enlightenment and Progress. To emancipate these children with power of knowledge. So that they can face exploitation of the social and economic system prevailing in India. To achieve this school was proposed to be started under the auspicious of Bangalore Education Trust which was formed by Mr.Anil Kumar Dutt and his friends in the year 1992. They said group with Anil Kumar Dutt in the forefront consisted of Mr. S. Ramakrishna advocate and Trade unionist and Mr.R.S.Maniyal, Mr.S.Nagaraj and Miss. S.Janaki all with deep conviction for the emancipation of the rural poor children and for the Cause of education for Poor.Mr.S.Ramakrishna Passed away before the school project could be started. Hence it was proposed that the school may be named after him as

Mission :

  1. Ramakrishna Memorial School.

The School started in June 1994 at place called MaruthiNagar, Yelahanka, and 16 kilometers from Bangalore. This area is largely populated by backward classes, small vendors, daily labors, dalits, scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes comprising of an area 5 Kilometers radius. This school began with 2 teachers and 20 students it was maintained by Trust with Anil Kumar Dutt as founder Trustee and R.S.Maniyal, S.Nagaraj and Ms.S.Janaki as trustees

Seed Money was provided by Mr.Anil Kumar Dutt from his personal account and later a Pro School committee was formed at Berne with staff and students of Engineering School of Berne as the main base for collection and remittance of funds to the school at Bangalore. Thus a Basic Infrastructure was established for us by pro school committee Bangalore. Today it is a fully fledged school from Nursery to Tenth standard having strength of 470 boys and girls and 30 Qualified Teachers & 3 house keepers.

Mission II

The project school was to be a Kannada medium school following Karnataka state education department’s curriculum with necessary and appropriate permission and teaching staff with qualified teachers prescribed by the state government department.

Finance for the project was to be initially to be contributed by the Trust foundation/ members and other associates. Later detailed funding of the project school by local source and foreign source for which licenses were obtained from state & central government. Tax Registration and appointment of qualified chartered Accountant with due licenses. Foreign Contribution Regulation Trustee ANIL KUMAR DUTT was citizen and was a lecturer in the Engineering school in that country. Along with his SWISS friends they formed a committee under the name and style as PRO-BANGALORE SCHOOL COMMITTEE. Who made a regular contribution to our project. Later one of our well-wisher MR.CHANDRA TUCKER from GERMANY made a huge contribution to our Trust to purchase Land & to have a our own school building, housing 1st to 10th standard with offices for Bangalore Education Trust from his Organization DIK.DEUTSCH-INDISCHES KINDERHILST WERK S e.v, KOLEN GERMANY. And recently for the last few years there was a contribution to our Trust & School. From one of our known well–wisher belonging to CHILDREN ACROSS BOUNDARY FLORIDA, U.S.A Individuals friends to cause/ Trust/School also contribution from our aboard.

Local donations were also received by us notable annual contributions OVERSEAS WOMENS CLUB BANGALORE .