Academic Year 2017-2018

Class name Teacher Assignments
Maths ESTHER.D 0
English B.N. AMBUJA 0
Astronomy KANCHANA M C 5

From 2 faculty members, 20 students and three fields of study at the time of its founding, Nursery and High School has grown to more than 30 faculty  and470 students in bangalore Area.

One of the most important things we can do for students is not just teach them specific knowledge and skills, but help them match their interests to their career path.

There was a group of friends subscribing to social and civil rights causes and interested in promoting organization to emancipate poor children and the working people towards better enlightenment and Progress. To emancipate these children with power of knowledge. So that they can face exploitation of the social and economic system prevailing in India

Important Dates

Annual day – DECEMBER 2017

The Bangalore Education Trust Celebrates Annual Day On December 2017

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